Ideas for Classroom Discipline?

Answer While it is not the most rewarding element of teaching, disciplining unruly students is a necessary and vital role of any teacher. Unfortunately, disrespectful responses and tantrums make it hard t... Read More »

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Classroom Discipline Ideas for Music Teachers?

The atmosphere in a music classroom is unique in the educational environment. It is often an elective and should be a fun part of your student's day. Your music class should be a positive environme... Read More »

The Effects of Discipline in the Classroom?

A school classroom is designed for students to learn, but when a student acts out, it can affect every student in the class. Classroom discipline is needed to ensure students stay on topic, behave ... Read More »

Discipline Styles in the Classroom?

Educators commonly refer to classroom discipline as a strategy or style. There are four main discipline styles that can take place in a classroom setting. Each one has its own set of pros and cons.... Read More »

How to Manage Classroom Discipline?

Managing discipline in a classroom, regardless of the grade level, can be tough with one teacher against 30 to 40 students. By establishing the ground rules for your classroom early and enforcing t... Read More »