Ideas for Argument Papers?

Answer Well-written argument papers should be relevant to the time in which they are written, insightful and have a firm grip on both the opinion presented in the paper, as well as the dissenting opinion ... Read More »

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Argument Topics for Research Papers?

Some papers that are written for school take a persuasive approach, allowing a student to argue his position on the topic. Any topic that is debatable makes a suitable choice for this type of resea... Read More »

Argument Paper Ideas?

An argument paper, or argumentative essay, is one in which you are debating a claim, an issue or theory. There are various ways to arrange your paper, but your purpose should be crystal clear right... Read More »

Ideas for a Toulmin Argument?

In 1958, Stephen E. Toulmin introduced his alternative to the philosophical argument, known as the Toulmin Model. Traditionally, the philosophical argument has used logic and reason to determine ho... Read More »

Ideas for a Definitional Argument?

Definitional arguments are some of the most common arguments used by writers and public speakers. In a definitional argument, the writer or speaker makes a claim about the definition of a particula... Read More »