Ideas about how to deal with carsickness?

Answer Actually, Ginger is one of the best things to soothe the stomach and works great for motion sickness. If you don't want the carbs, I would just stop at your local health food store and get a bottle... Read More »

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Hi, anybody got any ideas on how I can deal with a problem with slugs in my kitchen.?

Find out where they're coming in, then put down a strip of copper tape. Slugs and snails have some sort of reaction to the copper and won't cross the line.

How to deal with people who ask about my diabetes?

How come they can see the tubes to pull on them? I would just tell everyone you are a trained diabetic, probably have more first hand experience and have done the research and you know what you ar... Read More »

How to deal with a customer complaint about eggs.?

Forget it. She would have to take the egg to an Environmental Health Officer to be tested. You could take her into the kitchen and fry an egg for her, then she will see what the film is.Customers c... Read More »

How do you deal with bad medical news about yourself?

You try to do what you can to take care of yourself & make sure to do everything the Doctor instructs you to do. in due time you will recover & feel better. All the best.