Ideas Other Than Candy to Fill Plastic Easter Eggs?

Answer Finding tiny plastic Easter eggs usually causes much excitement among children. Kids can't wait to open these objects to find out what kind of treat awaits them inside. But sugary snacks aren't the... Read More »

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What can you use leftover Easter eggs for, other than egg salad?

You could just talk her into filling plastic eggs with candy instead. That's what I always do. If not, here's a recipe that I like because I love avocados. Avocado and Egg PâtéServe with crisp... Read More »

Can you recycle plastic Easter eggs?

Plastic Easter eggs are not recyclable and cannot be processed by recycling plants. However, Easter eggs may be informally recycled by households into a variety of crafts. For example, plastic East... Read More »

How to Make Illuminated Fireflies from Plastic Easter Eggs?

At Easter time you'll probably be given a few plastic Easter eggs and even if not, you'll be able to grab hold of many for next to almost nothing in the sales. Give them a new lease of life as pret... Read More »

How do I Decorate Corn Candy in Plastic Wrap Shaped Like a Carrot for Easter?

Holidays are a time when themed candies fill homes, creating subtle touches to make the event complete. Enhance your Easter decoration collection by making carrot shaped candy corn bags. The bags w... Read More »