Ideas For Deep Narrow Closets?

Answer Long narrow closets allow for a great deal of storage, but the inconvenience of their shape is something that can prevent you from regularly accessing it fully. A long narrow closet can be used to ... Read More »

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How deep are standard bedroom closets?

Truthfully, there is no such thing as a standard bedroom closet in terms of depth. In most cases, closet depth will be determined by the size of the space available. However, there are some guideli... Read More »

How to Weld a Deep & Narrow Gap With a MIG Welder?

Welding requires penetration. When you encounter narrow weld gaps on thicker metal, the weld bead will not completely fill the connection between the pieces of metal entering the weld joint. This l... Read More »

Ideas for Big Closets?

If you finally have that walk-in closet that you always dreamed of, you may now wonder what to do with it. While you are maximizing a large closet for easy entry and optimum organizational capacity... Read More »

Ideas for Broom Closets?

If your broom or cleaning closet is disorganized and you have a difficult time locating the cleaning tools and solutions you need, then you may want to set up a system that will make everyday chore... Read More »