Ideas About Making African Masks?

Answer African masks are not just decorative. They are created by specific feared and revered castes within tribes throughout the continent to communicate with spirit ancestors and deities to guide life o... Read More »

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Why do people wear African masks?

African masks are unique to each African tribe and have special meanings. They are highly sought out by art collectors. They can be worn in three ways: vertical on the face, as helmets and resting ... Read More »

How to Make Large African Masks?

African masks are typically made from wood, bronze, clay, brass and may be decorated with various items such as beads, shells, animal bones and skins or plants. Making a clay African mask or a wood... Read More »

Carving Tools for African Masks?

For hundreds of years, the techniques used to carve African masks have been handed down from parent to child, with a variety of tools used to create the finished product. These tools are combined w... Read More »

Why did people wear African masks?

In Africa the wearing of masks holds both social and religious significance. Masks are worn for a variety of reasons from the time an African is a child until their death.MythSome masks were carved... Read More »