Ideal Sugar Substitutes?

Answer Supermarket shelves contain many products that include artificial sweeteners. An active debate continues regarding the safety of artificial sweeteners as evidenced in one study that links artificia... Read More »

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How to Convert Sugar Substitutes to Real Sugar?

A sugar substitute can be any type of sweetener that a recipe calls for in place of sugar. It may be a natural or an artificial sweetener. Natural sweeteners include agave nectar and honey. Some ex... Read More »

Sugar substitutes...are they bad for you?

i'll try to help you out here...let's start with the bad: sweetners such as equal contain aspartame, which is believed to increase the risk of brain cancer. sweet-n-low and similar sweeteners conta... Read More »

What are some natural sugar substitutes?

Though all sugars should be used in moderation, natural sugar substittes may be healthier options than artificial sweeteners. Natural sweeteners are also good replacements for refined sugar, which ... Read More »

Substitutes for Maple Sugar?

According to The Cook's Thesaurus, maple sugar comes from the crystallization of maple syrup, but this ingredient does not readily appear in a typical pantry. Substitutions for maple sugar depend o... Read More »