Ideal Characteristics of the Distance Learner?

Answer Distance learning opportunities have grown significantly with the advent of widely available Internet service and personal computing. From language learning programs to certification courses and co... Read More »

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Characteristics of a Tactile Learner?

Tactile learners are those who best learn through experiencing and taking action. They remember better when learning involves some type of motion, like touching, moving parts with their hands or wa... Read More »

Characteristics of an Ideal Statistician?

Most employers require statisticians to have a master's degree in math or statistics. Federal government statistician jobs may accept a bachelor's degree and related work experience. Although stati... Read More »

Characteristics of an Ideal Performance Management System?

Companies use performance management systems to evaluate employees' efficiency at work and ability to perform certain tasks, either by automated or human processes. These systems come in many vari... Read More »

What is the ideal distance between the top of the head and the shower-head?

The ideal height is the one that works for you . Not all people are the same height so there is no ideal height. What I suggest is ( on a standard shower head) is to have it come out of the wall 12... Read More »