I'd like to play football with my teen-aged neighbors, but I'm usually too drunk.?

Answer Everyone knows that the best sports enthusiasts are drunks. It is good that you are out making friends. And to the person that said beer is bad for your health, why don't you go read a book...or ... Read More »

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Can most laptops/PCs with DVD drive play multi-region DVDs or are they usually region locked like DVD players?

Most of them can play all DVDs through Windows Media Player (as long as you have downloaded all of the Codexes from the Microsoft Website), Dell's default Media Experience setting is for one region... Read More »

Is it possible to get drunk sitting in a play pool filled with beer, not by drinking it but through osmosis?

Not sure. I've sat in my daughter's kiddie pool with (more than) a few beer to cool off on a hot day, but I've never tried filling the pool with beer. Cheers.j0e

How much do teen babysitters usually make?

While ranges of pay can range anywhere from $5 to $30 an hour, it depends on the community and area. It is also a good idea to take into consideration the required duties of the babysitter and the ... Read More »

How to Play Football With Girls?

Do you want to know how to play football with girls? Here's how read this article to find out how.