I'd like to lose 6 lbs by the time beach weather hits; any tips?

Answer Yowzah! There's gonna be pup tents all over the beach when you get there!! Just swap out the ice cream for diet cool whip for a couple of weeks and that oughta do her. Don't forget to post your iti... Read More »

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Will you lose weight if you didn't eat for an amount of time like maybe one week?

Crash diets and other fast plans for weight loss can be harmful. Your body thinks it's emergency time and stores fat ready for the famine!!So do things gradually.Here is a plan that is natural and ... Read More »

Whats the saddest song that hits you every time?

I Need You by Tim McGraw and Faith HillWas our fave song, and I need him now more than ever, I cry every time it comes on now and I play it at home a lot.Happy Halloween

Do you like my michael jackson (s)hit list (not music hits)?

i wanna uppercut them in the gutlisa marie...and Joan Rivers

Beach bod tips needed!?

Search up on YouTube: Blogilates (excercise)BlogilatesTV (Food talk)She is really amazing! On Blogilates, she has a "Beach Body" playlist where she does EVERYTHING, to lose a muffin top, thighs, ar... Read More »