I'd like to lose 6 lbs by the time beach weather hits; any tips?

Answer Yowzah! There's gonna be pup tents all over the beach when you get there!! Just swap out the ice cream for diet cool whip for a couple of weeks and that oughta do her. Don't forget to post your iti... Read More »

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Whats the saddest song that hits you every time?

I Need You by Tim McGraw and Faith HillWas our fave song, and I need him now more than ever, I cry every time it comes on now and I play it at home a lot.Happy Halloween

If your truck rolls out of your sloped driveway and hits a parked car will insurance pay for it even though you weren't driving it at the time?

If a TV is left unplugged for an extended period of time, will it lose stored data (time, date, channels, etc)?

Tips on Getting a Good Tan on the Beach?

Tanning your skin to a deep golden bronze is popular because people perceive tan skin as looking healthy. In reality, the opposite is true: tanned skin has cellular damage, and tanning makes you pr... Read More »