Icom IC-H16 Programming Instructions?

Answer The Icom IC-H16 can store up to 16 PLMRS (Private Land Mobile Radio Systems) channels at once. And while you may use all 16 or the IC-H16's land mobile channels, there's likely to be one channel th... Read More »

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Instructions for Programming a Toyota Sequoia Chip Key?

To make a spare key for a Toyota Sequoia, you must program it. You can go to your local Toyota dealer, but it may charge around $50 for the job. You can get instructions out of your owner's manual ... Read More »

Instructions for Programming Schlage Deadbolt Keypads?

The Schlage deadbolt keypad enables you to set codes for separate users in the home. It also gives you the capability to set temporary user codes for the babysitter or anybody who only requires lim... Read More »

Programming instructions for Innovage Jumbo Remote?

You can search the codes for ANY device by:1. Turn on the device (i.e. TV, VCR, DVD, etc.)2. Hold the "Codes" button 'til you see the red light on the remote.3. Press the device button ( TV, VCR, e... Read More »

Ford 1999 F-150 Transponder Key Programming Instructions?

A truck's computer must be programmed before it will recognize signals from a remote transponder key. The instructions for programming your 1999 Ford F-150 are highly specific. Though they will als... Read More »