Icebreaker Games for Elementary Kids Groups?

Answer Children find the first day of school both exciting and terrifying. Starting a year with new classmates and teachers is an intimidating prospect. Play a few icebreaker games with your elementary st... Read More »

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Icebreaker Games for Kids at Camp?

Camp is an exciting time for many kids. However; some children have a tough time interacting. Playing icebreaker games is an excellent way to help kids feel more comfortable at camp. Before choosin... Read More »

Fun Proofreading Games for Kids to Play in Groups?

Grammar is the backbone of written communication. Without proper grammar, children will struggle to communicate effectively. Proofreading their work can help them catch mistakes and fix them before... Read More »

Basketball Games for Kids in Large Groups?

Playing basketball can be a positive experience for kids. There are lots of opportunities to score, it teaches them teamwork and it keeps them active. But because there are only five players from e... Read More »

Games for Large Groups of Kids Indoors?

Whether you're throwing a birthday party or trying to occupy your kids and their friends on a rainy day, having a bunch of indoor games on hand is sure to entertain. Devising a variety of choices i... Read More »