Ice Breaker Ideas for Groups?

Answer Whether you're the host of a party, a business event or a meeting for a large group, improve communication among the participants by starting with an assortment of ice breaker activities. Choose ga... Read More »

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Ice Breaker Ideas for Training at Church?

Ice breaker ideas for a training session at church can range from mild pleasantries to the downright comical. Ice breakers provide an opportunity for people to introduce themselves without necessar... Read More »

Classroom Ideas for Choosing Groups?

Collaborative work gives students a chance to learn to work with others while generating new ideas. Grouping students becomes an issue of classroom management. The groups need to form quickly to av... Read More »

Devotion Ideas for Youth Groups?

Devotional time for church youth groups can be critical times for leaders and teens to connect scripture with life experiences. By opening the Bible and working through specific passages that are m... Read More »

How can focus groups be used to generate ideas?

A focus group, or qualitative research gathering, can be utilized to help generate opinions, feelings, beliefs and attitudes toward a certain prompt, idea or product. Used carefully, a focus group ... Read More »