Ice Breaker Games for College Kids?

Answer By the time students enter college, chances are they have played at least one ice breaker game for every year they have been in school. Professors, especially those who teach classes with small num... Read More »

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Ice Breaker Games for Trainers?

Icebreakers help make people comfortable and get them to reveal personal information or talk about a particular topic. The games are effective in formal and informal environments, but really come i... Read More »

Ice Breaker Games for Teens?

Teenagers are not always the most confident people when it comes to meeting others and getting to know them. Because of this, playing icebreaker games in certain awkward situations can help teenage... Read More »

Ice Breaker Games for Valentine's Day?

Though Valentine's Day celebrates the lovers of the world, many people are often excluded from the holiday if they don't have a significant other at the time. To avoid Valentine's Day blues, planni... Read More »

Ice Breaker Games for the Office?

A successful icebreaker lightens or eliminates awkward and uncomfortable feelings between employees. Co-workers will feel more comfortable coming to each other to ask questions, look for advice or ... Read More »