Ice Breaker Activities for Teenagers?

Answer Gathering a group of teenagers for a get-together comes with its setbacks when most of the teens don't yet know each other. As the host of the party, you can get around this by preparing some ice b... Read More »

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Ice Breaker Activities for Meetings?

Meetings, especially long ones, can sap the energy of its participants, driving creativity and productivity right out the window. To avoid a nonproductive meeting, facilitators need to employ ice b... Read More »

Employee Ice Breaker Activities?

If you’re welcoming a large group of new employees at once, perhaps for a summer camp or program, you’ll want to ease the group’s transition as quickly as possible so you can begin training. ... Read More »

Ice Breaker Activities for Adults?

Ice breakers are activities that can get any social, educational or business gathering off to a warm start. A well-planned activity can help adults become more comfortable with one another and read... Read More »

Ice Breaker Activities for Physical Education?

The first day of physical education class can feel awkward. A class features a mix of personalities and abilities, from star athletes to students more inclined to study than play sports. You can us... Read More »