Icarly idate a bad boy.. What do you think Is wrong with him?

Answer heres my guesses-Hes Gay-Hes a most wanted FBI person-Hes related to her-Hes older than her-He was sent by Nevel-He went to school with spencer-Hes mom is one of the teachers

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Do you think icarly idate a bad boy had way too much kissing?

You have to save someones life or bravery and courage because its really rare!

What is the real name of the bad boy in icarly idate a bad?

Carly Shay- Miranda Cosgrove Freddie Benson- Nathan KressSam Puket- Jennette McCurdy Spencer Shay- Jerry TrainerGibby Gibson- Noah Munck

What will happen in idate sam and Freddie on icarly?

What happened in the icarly episode idate between Sam and Freddie?

They kissed and Carly saw and was sad because she likes Freddy as well.