ITunes and Limewire?

Answer Well they won't play because obv. you deleted them from the place they came from (aka Limewire)I think there's a chance that they'll be back after you download Limewire again, but if they aren't, y... Read More »

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I got the iPhone 3g for Christmas and i went on LimeWire and put ashlee simpsons song boyfriend into the itunes file. but what do i do now to get it from itunes onto my iPod in my phone?

Limewire AND iTunes?

haha.yes its illegal if you put it on your iPod and i know people who use it to put on there iPod.i dont do it..but my friends never seemed to get in troble for it.and you dont get i gue... Read More »

Limewire ------> to Itunes?

I drag the song after it's done downloading to the playlist I want the song to go to

Limewire or iTunes......?

Limewire and Itunes both work together....I mean personally I wouldn't want to buy all of my music. I have like 500 songs on my ipod..and trust me I didn't buy them all..and with the viruses thing.... Read More »