IS this too much alcohol for a party?

Answer my goodness, that's wild!

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Best alcohol for a party?

Alright the coolest and most dangerous drink I know of is called either Cowboy Kool-Aid or Pink Panty Droppers. It's Everclear and Pink Lemonade but you CANNOT TASTE THE ALCOHOL AT ALL.

How to Buy Alcohol for Your Party?

If this is your first time throwing a party involving alcohol, you may be wondering what sort of alcohol to purchase and how much of it you should get. On top of that, alcohol can be expensive, so ... Read More »

How do I keep this party alcohol-free?

How long have you and your friends been sober? If it's any length of time at all, you really ought to be able to be in the presence of alcohol without it being a problem. I mean, recovery is abou... Read More »

Mixing alcohol for a party?

Tequila shots are nice with salt and lemon. Put the salt on your hand, lick the salt, drink the shot and bite the lemon. (save the shots for when your already a bit drunk though) Pimms and lemonade... Read More »