IS this a good computer for gameing?

Answer No, it's not. Here's a budget gaming build for you:$482US Single card Phenom II Budget BuildCPU[99]: AMD Phenom II X2 550…MOBO[80]: GIGABYTE GA-MA770T-UD3... Read More »

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Is the alienware x51 a good computer for gameing explain?

Don't go anyless then a i5. I3 is for medium gaming and i5 you can run games on high to ultra and the i7 the video cards never takes full advantage of the processor get the i5 for 1000 and you will... Read More »

Are These Good Gameing Specs?

The main thing I would change about this system is the GPU. The 4670 is pretty outdated and won't suffice for many modern games. I recommend upgrading for $30-$60 more to a Radeon 7770 or 7790. The... Read More »

Nvidia geforce gt 520 1gb ddr3 is good gameing card?

I've used it for a few months It's okay with games like FIFA 12 and PES and skyrim It lags a bit with crisis 2 It also lags a bit with BF3 and MW3 So, if you don't really mind about quality and wa... Read More »

I really want a good alienware gameing desktop but wanna know the best choise of model >?

You better go for the Alienware Aurora R4 because the spec is much better than the X51 with the same price. The Aurora also easy to upgrade.Here is my buildProcessor: Intel Core i7-3820RAM: 16GB Qu... Read More »