IS there any vitamin where I can have more energy?

Answer I am also going to suggest Vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D3, 1000 I.U. I take that along with a multivitamin and it has helped me a lot. Didn't happen overnight but it did happen! I have read ... Read More »

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Science project: is there more vitamin C in citrus fruits than in vegetables?

The vitamin C powerhouse of citrus fruit is the orange. However, even the orange falls behind some vegetables. Broccoli, cauliflower and sweet red peppers are a few vegetables that surpass oranges ... Read More »

Which gas will have more kinetic energy: CO2 or N2?

Kinetic energy is the energy of atoms or molecules colliding with one another. At any given temperature, carbon dioxide gas (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) gas have the same average kinetic energy. When th... Read More »

How can I have more energy on days when I can't exercise?

Unlike what a lot of people think you don't have to join a gym, spend money or join an organized sport or club to get exercise. Similarly many people say that they don't have time to exercise. Th... Read More »

Do many of you out there need to have Vitamin B12 injections periodically?

B12 defficiency, due to pernicious anaemia, requiring injections rather than oral supplements, affects about 1% of the population.