IS me and my boyfrind going to be together?

Answer "IS" ??? you mean ARE? how old are you? if you're under 10 then NO, if you're under 20 then probably NO as well.. if you're over 20 and spell like that.. there is a problem.. and NO once again:)

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How do I stop my boyfrind from downloading porn?

You can't "stop" him unless you seek to control him. Generally speaking, that's a bad thing to do.What you can do is tell him why you object. If it hurts your feelings, you two should talk about it... Read More »

Are sonny and chad going to go back together?

They are because they kissed at the end and became boyfriend and girlfriend againAlthough I'm not so sure anymore. Everyone kept saying that they would get back together in the episode "New Girl" b... Read More »

Are beck and tori going to end up together on victorious?

they probably are considering all the things that has happened between them.And considering Jade is a gank and any guy can get sick of her.

Are Bailey And Cody going to get back together in season 3?

Cody and Bailey got back together in Part 2 of the Suite Life on Deck special "Twister". In this episode, Bailey had gone back to Kettlecorn to visit her grandmother. Cody wanted to talk to her, an... Read More »