IS limewire Ilegal ?

Answer No limewire is legal, downloading copyrighted material from limewire (or anywhere else) is illegal. Limwire only provides the P2P software to share files, what people choose to share is up to them,... Read More »

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Why is smoking ilegal?

Well my dear friend, are you referring to marijuana or tobacco? If you are referring to tobacco, I feel your pain. While it's not "illegal," it might as well be! All these people say oh it's not il... Read More »

Do ilegal drugs show up in blood tests?

Is it ilegal for anyone to obstruct the entrance path to your property ie parking a car across it.?

only if the obstruction stops you exiting your property,and you have a dropped curb, not if you wish to enter your property, a bit obscure but i never made the rules

If sharing copyrighted songs is ilegal, why haven't all those videos been removed from youtube?

Good question. Hell, this is something I've thought long and hard about myself. But, here's what I've realized:Some companies allow their music to be shared as long as people don't make profit from... Read More »