IS it free to sign up on wikipedia?

Answer Yes it's free to sign up, and it's a great project in the works. One day it will be the Internets largest encyclopedia, and to think that you had something to do with it will make it rewarding to ... Read More »

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Is it sad i spend so much of my free time editing wikipedia articles for free?

It's sad only if you're trying to put correct information in there. If you want to write correct information, why don't you start writing your own book or blog? Don't waste quality content on Wikip... Read More »

Huh why was Wikipedia shut down earlier. and why is asking me to sign some petition?

They are protesting some acts the government are trying to pass. Personally I think the acts are a bunch of bs and that they shouldn't. And this act called SOPA (or PIPA) is for copyright infringem... Read More »

Is it free to sign up to the BBC?

Check related links for one website. Or you can google for the videos that you want to watch, just type what it is your looking for online at google.

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia?

Wikipedia is written by volunteers from all around the world since its creation in 2001. there are 2,196,799 articles in English. I recommend visiting this link before i bore you too much. http://e... Read More »