Answer Go to start, run, type in "msconfig" without quotes. Click ok. On the top right, click startup. Then click on disable all, or use to determine what you want t... Read More »


Does storing too much e-mail in your Yahoo box slow your computer down?

No, because its not stored or occupying your computer's HDD space. Are you meaning to say your drive is running out of free space? Its also possible that your HDD is fragmented. Its always good to ... Read More »

Does anyone suffer from PC rage!!! If your computer is running really slow or you lose your connectivity?

I smashed my laptop with my fists so much that I broke it! Apparently the hard drive isn't working. Haven't actually fessed up that it was my fault yet.......

Will saving images to your computer, to upload them to a site, slow down your internet connection?

Hi,If your computing functions use maximum bandwidth then it will surely slow down your PC. Moreover, the slow down of PC will also depend on the image size, resolution and the compression techniqu... Read More »

How to Accept That Your Computer Is Slow?

Do you have DSL or dial-up internet but just don't have the patience or time to let your computer run so slow? Sometimes you just have to face the facts and accept that your computer just isn't the... Read More »