IRS Personal Injury Settlement Taxation?

Answer The IRS is not going to overlook the income you receive as a result of a personal injury settlement or court award. In fact, some of this money you receive may be fully taxable as ordinary income, ... Read More »

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Is a personal injury settlement taxable?

Personal injury awards are not taxable if they are compensation for a physical injury or sickness as the result of an accident or other wrongful act. However, nonphysical injuries like defamation a... Read More »

Is a Personal Injury settlement taxable in ca?

file with your insurance company and they will deal with your neighbors insurance policy.

What is the average personal injury settlement?

A personal injury, in legal terms, is one which negatively affects your physical or mental health. This usually results from an accident of some sort. When the injured party feels that their injury... Read More »

Is a personal injury settlement taxable income?

According to, the money that you receive to pay your medical bills is not taxable because that money is earmarked to cover a loss. Money received in a personal injury settlement that is... Read More »