IRS Form 3520 Instructions?

Answer Form 3520 helps the IRS track the flow of money between the United States and other countries. People in the United States forming a trust in another country, transferring money to a foreign trust... Read More »

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IRS Form 673 Instructions?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows certain US taxpayers working in a foreign country to take a tax exclusion from a limited amount of their foreign earned income. The IRS defines “foreign ... Read More »

Instructions for IRS Form 8379?

The IRS form 8379 is used by spouses filing jointly when one spouse has federal nontax debt (such as a student loan), spousal support, child support or federal and state tax debts. Form 8379 is int... Read More »

IRS Instructions for Form 4797?

Internal Revenue Service Form 4797, "Sales of Business Property," must be completed by a taxpayer who has sold or transferred a property used for business during the tax year. Form 4797 may also be... Read More »

IRS Form Schedule C-EZ Instructions?

The Internal Revenue Service requires people who have self-employment income or earnings from working as an independent contractor to complete forms to determine their taxable income. If you have b... Read More »