IPod touch no music no sound?

Answer My ipod touch just had the same problem. You need to go into Settings and tap general. Scroll down to where it says reset and tap it. Tap reset all settings. It wont delete anything.

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Is there a way to add music to my iPod touch 4th gen music library without iTunes and jailbreak?

I do not know about adding it to your music library, but you can download the app free music download in the app store and follow the instructions to get free music onto the app. Hope I help a little

How do you get sound to come out of the old ipod touch with out headphones?

Sound on my iPod touch not working!?

Try pressing the menu button and the play button at the same time for a sec. It will restart again and might work.

How do you turn the sound off iPod touch camera?

You have to go to notifications and turn all notification sound down. Also, you can turn the "control notification sound with volume buttons" on and turn the volume off.