IPhones n the UK?

Answer no

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Can you use us iphones in the UK?

Unfourtunately, you can't, you will have to reenter the data.

Where can you buy 32 gb iPhones?

In the United States, the 32 GB iPhone 3Gs (the only model available in 32GB capacity at this writing) is available through Apple retail stores, corporate AT&T Wireless stores, Best Buy, and in Rad... Read More »

How do you lock iPhones?

The button on the top of the phone.

Why are iphones so awsome?

3rd pipe (1) - elbow down to right 4th pipe (2) - elbow down to right , left to down, down to right6th pipe (3) - down to right, right to down, down to left, right to down, down pipe, up to right, ... Read More »