IPhone game troll bridge?

Answer No......carry on writing from that dont delete any body elses, just type your own underneath each overs

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How do you place the bridge in the Smurfs game on the iphone No matter what I try I can't place it?

No it will not. But the redisgned Verizon version should be out in a couple of weeks. I get one speck candy shell fit my Verizon iPhone 4 last week ,maybe you go to Read More »

How do you beat a Troll in their own game?

I'm top of the food chain in trolling. I've made people cry with it. Give me his username and i'll ruin him.

Bridge Game Basics?

Bridge is a card game derived from the Russian game of whist. The game known as contract bridge was introduced by Harold Vanderbilt, an American millionaire, on a cruise ship around 1925. Since the... Read More »

In how many ways can a bridge game start?

According to Leonard Asimow in "Probability and Statistics with Applications," bridge can start in 53,644,737,765,488,792,839,237,440,000 ways. Each individual player can receive 635,013,559,600 ha... Read More »