IPhone bluetooth will not switch on?

Answer I put this very complex question through a calculus program on my computer and it came out with this amazing answer: "more than 11Gb and less than 13Gb"

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How do you switch on bluetooth on the iPhone 3G?

You get faster internet then the original iPhone.

Will nokia bluetooth work with iPhone?

Its mostly what occurred during the experiment/ the information one has to use to conclude the purpose of it.

Will a Motorola Bluetooth h350 work with an iPhone 3G?

The Motorola H350 Bluetooth Headset is not officially compatible with the iPhone 3G; however, some users have had success pairing the H350 with their phone. While the H350 uses Bluetooth 2.0 techno... Read More »

Will an exsisting bluetooth headset work with your iPhone 4S?

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