IPhone 4s- google image problems?

Answer Omg this is happening to me to and i found your question when i googled the problem. The thing is my moms phone is working fine :( hopefully they fix it soon!!Edit: if you go into settings-safari-c... Read More »

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How to Put an Image Onto Google?

Putting an image onto Google is very easy when Google does not have an image in their database. Those images are uploaded from different sites and image search spiders that crawl onto sites and rem... Read More »

How to Search by Image on Google?

In June 2011, Google released a new option called "Search By Image". You no longer need to begin the image search with a word or a phrase, but you can now begin with an actual image that you see on... Read More »

What are some good image searches to run on Google?

Take off search safe search and search shart... there should be a cartoon on about the third row... LMAOclarinet boy[nickname for Richard]buttraptor jesus (personal favorite meme)did he drop any go... Read More »

How to Turn Off a New Google Image Search?

The old Google image search page displayed a list of images and let you use a page navigation tool to select a specific page of search results to jump to. The new Google image search page simply di... Read More »