IPad Mini camera not rotating?

Answer Sounds like typical Apple glitch. Their stuff just locks up. Sometimes on only the camera. Take out the battery and wait a bit. Then put it back in and the system will reset.

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Should I you get an iPad 2 or iPad 3 I like the iPad 2 costs less and is thinner but I also like the iPad 3s retina display and camera?

I suggest to buy an iPad 3 as its camera rocks,it's good resolution screen. So fast processor .ipad2 is not at all good.

IPod Touch 5, iPhone 5, iPad Mini and iPad 4?

Yes all of them are coming except for the iPad. They are coming even before November. Also the only colors are Black and White. You can buy cases if you want in different colors. Any other question... Read More »

Should I get iPad mini or iPad with Retina Display?

Should I wait for the rumoured iPad mini or buy the new iPad?

IPad mini already exists, they call it IPhone.. just kidding, either way, your best best is to wait a little while after either of them come out. There is almost ALWAYS a drop in price, or a recall... Read More »