IM IN pain PLS HELP ME ASAP!!!!!!?

Answer Im not sure of your age, but I would guess a little younger. The number one symptom for females having a stroke or heart attack is awful neck pain. If you are under the age of 35 I would really wor... Read More »

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Knee Pain!! Help ASAP!?

I'm sorry to hear you're in pain like that, it must be quite distressing. I think it is best if you consult your local general practitioner with regards to the knee pain, as it could be anything ra... Read More »

Whats causing my chest pain please help ASAP?

You may be having anxiety attacks. I would visit your doctor to go over what your experiencing.

Help asap i have pain in the left side of my chest?

Don't be silly saying its a heart attack!You may have just pulled a muscle or something. If you are worrying about it that much, I would recommend you going to your local doctors and NOT look on th... Read More »


Unfortunately your doctor is right on point as a doctor should be. The only thing i could recommend changing is instead of just using ice, use a heating pad for 20 minutes followed by an ice pack f... Read More »