IIf there is white discharge and no cramping am I pregnant?

Answer This is commonly known as "sperm". You are not actually cramping you have just discovered the product of masturbation. This can actually impregnate other people but they have to be girls so keep in... Read More »

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Can you be pregnant if you have a small amount of brown discharge on the day after you are supposed to have your period and no cramping like with your normal period and you had EW discharge on 9 10?

ANSWERIt is possible to have an abnormal period during pregnancy,{it is actually more common than you would think} I myself had what I would consider a light period during the first three months of... Read More »

8 weeks pregnant and light pink discharge and cramping?

i have the same problem i am going for a scan tomorrow so will let you no the outcome. I'm praying my baby willb e ok x

Brown discharge and cramping Is this implantation cramping?

it deffinatly sounds like it, however, I had a period that started off that way. If you have missed a pill that could be the reason why

Does a white discharge 5 days after unprotected sex mean you're pregnant?

Answer I'm in your shoes. I know that this is not helping you with your question, But i just wanna let you know that you are not the only one expierencing it. I am afraid.