II really need you to be brutally honest. Please?

Answer I think its really cute. Hot fire! I love it don't change a thing!

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How much do tattoos really hurt, please be honest?

Tattoos hurt differently depending on their location. The most sensitive areas to me were upper back and close to the arm pit.Least pain full would be your butt, belly, waist and outer upper arms.F... Read More »

Guys i need some honest answers please!?

If he's so shallow that that's a major hang-up, then you shouldn't care if he's no longer interested. You'll obviously be THAT much MORE attractive after you get the braces off, and if he can't w... Read More »

Please anyone I really need a proxy server or something because i need to get around homesafe, its really piss?

Tor Browser should be able to get around it with not much trouble and make anything you do fairly anonymous.

I need anyone and everyones honest opinions pretty please?

I was thinking that would be hard to pull off for most people but I don't think your like most people. 10! Go for it I think it will look great on you just make sure to bring the picture when you ... Read More »