IHAS424 Liteon not recognizing in Windows 7 (parallels on 2009 model mac)?

Answer Hello, Microsoft answer desk is free, give it a try and you will like it. This is new and very good... Speak to Microsoft Certified Technicians Call 1-866-610-3132 Toll F... Read More »

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How to Uninstall Parallels and Windows Vista?

Parallels is a desktop program for Mac computers while Windows Vista is the sixth version of Microsoft's core operating system. Removing both of these programs from your computers can allow you to ... Read More »

How to Switch From a Mac to Windows at a Startup Using Parallels?

The Parellels application for Macintosh computers is a virtual PC application that allows you to run a Windows operating system using your Mac. The application partitions, or sections off, an area ... Read More »

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