IFunny daily limit question?

Answer I don't know about this sorry :(

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Ifunny question please help how to search up a person?

Hi five dude, I am an iFunny user. I know that feeling, that's too bad dude. I hate that too. I am really getting sick of iFunny MOB Team who doesn't support this kinda feature. You can't search hi... Read More »

Is there a limit to the fruit you should eat daily?

Everything of too much is bad for you so better eat in moderation. Although fruits are good for fiber and rich in vitamins, some of them are also too sweet and should be taken not often. so you sho... Read More »

I've exceeded my daily post limit on tumblr, how long will i have to wait to reblog again?

If i eat a high carb diet & don't exercise but stay within my daily calorie limit, will i gain fat?

Yes, the carbs will turn into fat if not used. To deny your body carbs or limit them drastically will cause the body to burn existing fat because it has no carbs to burn. That is why high calorie l... Read More »