IF you have good ping that means you can download faster?

Answer Yeah,I perosnally think Ping has somewhat connection with your download you know ping measure the time that it takes for the message be returned to your computer,but it may helps a littl... Read More »

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6 months back i got blood from my mouth and that time i had cough too.what that means whether i have cancer?

There are a lot off assumptions on Cancer, the best thing is just to get it checked out. Though if it hasn't happened recently it most likely is not too serious.

What is a good baby's name that means marijuana but isn't Mary Jane?

What are the websites where you can download programs for free that make your computer run faster?

beware.... before downloading anything from internet .. be sure that it;s not a spyware or malware or virus. Make sure your antivirus and firewall working and upto can try

What word means two different people that have the same dream?