IF you eat hamburgers,what do you like on topYou know,in the bun?

Answer Mayo, onion, 1-2 pickles slices, and tomato.

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Can someone die of like just pure pain or something like without any bleeding or uh stuff like that?

I really like this boy but he doesnt like me but if he always touches you on the leg all the time to kid does he actually like you?

Most likely, yes. Even if he does it as a joke, it shows he has feelings for you. Guys don't usually do that unless they are comfortable with you, trust you, or have feelings for you.

Do you like pie because i like pie tell me what pie you like ?

I am only 13 but i would like to learn about networks like, open NAT and strict NAT.?

Great! That's excellent! I suggest learning C++, Java, and Python. You could start off with BASIC too. Python is a powerful starter language, as well.I am uncertain in what college, but you definit... Read More »