IF this is worth buying?

Answer Absolutely! What a great deal! The prices HAVE to come down....but I remember when a plasma TV cost over $6000.00....well thing have changed...please take advantage of the great deal. You , I feel ... Read More »

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Is this laptop worth buying?

If I had the money, and the opportunity, I would buy that laptop, and I've been doing computers for 25 years now.

Is this phone worth buying?

No! They might see like a good deal but im quite geeky.and these phones will break easily. You will find lots of flaws in them.Plus the touchscreen is terrible(its one of those were you have to pre... Read More »

Is this labtop I'm buying worth $4000?

What a scam ? ,a maingrear titan 17 has better specs than that cost less 4000 dollars , i7-980x extreme, gtx 680m sli or crossfire amd hd 7970m, dual fans , up to 32 gb of ram lot of extra featur... Read More »

Is this intro video worth buying for $5 for my website?

Its really worth dude. Go buy it. After all, its just 5 bucks. Even I buy such intros.