IF I gave you 20 dollars what would you buy at the grocery store?

Answer Hm...2 packs of beer

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When they say "10 for $10" at a grocery store, does that mean 1 dollar each, or buy 10 for 10 dollars?

Both You $1.00 or 10 for $10. It is just a gimmick, 10 for 10 sounds better than $1 each. Just like 99 cents sounds better than $1.00

Where would I find tofu at a grocery store?

Refrigated section. Not frozen aisle but near there. Tofu needs to be keep cold but could be frozen but most stores dont freeze it. Try some smaller Oriental stores that might have it. Otherwise, i... Read More »

Is the grocery store liable if a grocery cart in their parking lot hits your car?

Would it look suspicious if i went into a grocery store and only bought only one banana?

lol, don't forget to add vaseline for extra awkwardness.