IEEE 1394 port-HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer Are you sure you have one on your computer?IEEE 1394 is a technology for connecting devices that is commonly known as "FIREWIRE". On your computer go to: "Start"Click on "Control Panel" (which is u... Read More »

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What is a 4-pin ieee 1394 port?

Computer jargon can be confusing, as many devices have several names they are known by, as is true for the 4-pin ieee 1394 port.DefinitionA 4-pin ieee 1394 port, also known as a FireWire or an iLin... Read More »

Can you use an IEEE 1394 connector in a COMM port?

The IEEE 1394 (FireWire) standard provides for serial communications between computing devices. FireWire cables generally contain both four-pin and six-pin connectors, and are incompatible with th... Read More »

What is an IEEE 1394 optional adapter port?

The IEEE 1394, also known as the firewire port, is used to pull data from digital video cameras and other large volume data transfer devices. The port does not come standard on many devices but can... Read More »

How many pins does the IEEE 1394 (FireWire) port on the Motorola DCT-6416-III have?

According to the diagrams provided in the manual for Motorola's DCT6400 line of HD receivers, the Motorola DCT 6416 III uses a nine-pin 1394 FireWire cable. These cables are also commonly referred ... Read More »