IE7, FireFox or Safari?

Answer You should keep IE as windows update and a few other sites will not work with anything else, but you should also keep Firefox as your default web browser as it is quicker, safer and has the ability... Read More »

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Do you think firefox or safari is a better browser?

Firefox is the best damn browser, fully customizable, Enhanced security unlike Internet explorer it DOES BLOCK unwanted crap.Safari isn't fast.

Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Safari?

Internet Explorer-Great For Starting Out-Always Should Be Used For Default BrowserMozilla Firefox (I Currently Use)-Great With PC's-Customizible-Very Fast-Only Takes Up 20MBSafari-Great With Mac's-... Read More »

IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera... Which one?

Is Google Chrome faster and uses less RAM than Firefox, Safari, Opera, or IE?

Yes, it's the fastest. No, it uses more RAM and memory than firefox (with more than like 5-6 tabs open, if you have one or two open it will be less).