ID scanners can you use the same ID twice?

Answer not quite the scanners this category usually deals with (computer scanners) but .... Quite possibly yes, but that assumes they scan the people out as well as in. If in only one direction you may ge... Read More »

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On ebay if you buy 2 items the same from the same seller do you have to pay for the postage twice?

Yes. Unles otherwise posted, but that is very rare. Usually vendors might have some sort of a discount, a buck or so. That's all.Now, they can ship the items together but you have to pay for indivi... Read More »

Are Ham radios and scanners the same thing?

a "radio" gets a specific frequency - usually music has a specific radio frequencya "scanner" goes through several frequencies all by ambulance usually has one - this is for official ... Read More »

How to Cite the Same Author Twice in APA?

When you quote or paraphrase from the work of another author in your paper, American Psychological Association (APA) style requires that you cite basic bibliographic information within the text. If... Read More »

Can you get the same stomach virus twice?

No. After the body successfully fights a viral infection, the bloodstream permanently retains the antibodies that destroyed it. If a stomach flu returns within days, you never beat it the first tim... Read More »