IB Theory of Knowledge Teaching Ideas?

Answer The International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program is an international high school diploma program emphasizing the liberal arts intellectual tradition. The program curriculum includes study in th... Read More »

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Ten Tips on Writing a Good Theory of Knowledge Essay?

Writing essays in epistemology (otherwise known as the “theory of knowledge”) is never easy, especially for the beginner. Epistemology’s highly dense and technical vocabulary normally mystifi... Read More »

Theory of Effective Teaching?

Virtually everyone would agree that effective teaching is extremely important, not just for individual children but for a society as a whole. There are many theories of effective teaching, and they... Read More »

How to Implement Piaget's Theory of Teaching?

Jean Piaget was a Swiss psychologist who developed a theory regarding the developmental stages of children from birth to around age fifteen. His theory of cognitive development focuses on the fact ... Read More »

How to Look at Ideas of Theory?

It is important to look at all of the ideas that compose a comprehensive theory to fully understand the theory. This often requires outside research, as it often requires specialized knowledge beyo... Read More »