I3 i5 i7 have built-in graphic chip?

Answer Southbridge is gone. The core logic is a single IC chip and has been for a few years. Intel added graphics into the Northbridge chip, and starting in the first generation core i, including graphics... Read More »

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Do all pc's have an in-built graphic card?

no, if it has shared graphics it has no card

I have a shomi digital photo frame. how do i save the pictures onto it so i don't have to keep the chip in it?

Don't bother trying to hook this up to your computer. I called the customer service number in the worthless book that came with my picture frame and it is also the shomi 7" white one. This frame c... Read More »

2 single graphic adapters vs one duel graphic adapter?

Increase the cooling, a liquid-cooling system, will be much more efficient.

For a memory chip size of 4096 by 8 how many pages is on the chip?

No, but even if you did jailbreak it, a jailbreaked iPhone would quickly be spotted by AT and T, it is ok to jailbreak an iTouch cause AT and T won't spot it, but don't blame me if your iTouch breaks.