I would love to have my old big butt back.?

Answer Re-gaining the weight that you lost will most likely retrieve your previously big buttocks. It is clear that you retain quite a bit of fat in your buttocks region!

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Got kicked in the butt, now my back hurts...?

Any type of injury to your back should be properly cared for, because it could lead to other things more serious. Is your butt/back bruised? Any other symptoms? A kick that hard could lead to a bru... Read More »

How to Burn Hip, Lower Back, Butt & Thigh Fat?

Burning fat in the lower body area is best accomplished by doing cardiovascular routines. While this will burn fat, traditional running is not the best way to target the lower body muscles. Cardiov... Read More »

Is there some way that I can transplant my husband's butt and back hair to his head?

Yes , it's called the biggest combover in the world.

What is it when you have lower back pain and a lump just to the right side of your butt crack?

Answer The lump is likely your tailbone, it is not uncommon for people to have an extra vertabrae or two in the base of their spinal column, which will make their tailbone protrude more than the av... Read More »