I would love any feedback on my new website if possible?

Answer First impressions .... it's as professional as any other site. Great job... can you make me one?Second impression ... ok had a shufty over a cuppa... Art is something dear to me anyhoo and your "of... Read More »

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I would love to know how to get rid of the digg website as it is interfering with my normal website.?

It would have been helpful to know what Browser you are using, and what OS you are running under. So I am forced into assuming Windows XP with Internet Explorer ver.7.First off, stop using MS-IE a... Read More »

How to Get Feedback on Your Website?

Creating a website can be really fun, and even a good chance to make some money. But when you're just starting out and you don't have any visitors on your site yet, how can you know what parts peop... Read More »

Would you buy on ebay if the seller is new and has no feedback or comments yet?

Yes. So that the price will be cheap..And Paisapay protection available. Nothing to worry..

TTC rant, sort of. Feedback would be great?

I know just what you mean. Same thing when I heard my cousin and her husband had an "oops" before they were really ready for a baby (although they are doing just fine as parents and don't quite be... Read More »