I would like your honest opinion?

Answer Your back maybe up on your shoulder

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Can i get your honest opinion on scarred legs?

i'm just another ordinary person (ie not modelesque) with flaws and such- EXACTLY. NO-ONE has the right to judge you. Particually when it comes to scars. You're not asking people to love it, you... Read More »

Moms your honest opinion please?

1. drinking while pregnant – stupid.2. smoking while pregnant – stupid (anytime smoking is extremely stupid).3. medicated birth – If women need it or chose to have it fine with me, I did with... Read More »

PICS!!!!! Your honest opinion, what do you think!!!!?

You didn't have a very good photographer. Taking pics of you from the top of your head was not the most flattering. And, as you know, the faces that you were making didn't help very much either (... Read More »

Parents, can I have your *honest* opinion please?

I feel so badly for you. I'm sending you good thoughts.Your hubby looks like a sweetheart. If I knew him, I would ask "who is a child's real father? The person who gave one cell a long time ago, or... Read More »