I would like to look into getting a Flip Mino Camera, which one?

Answer I have the Flip Ultra HD, and I love it. None of the Flips have image stabilization, so you have to stay very still when taking videos. And of course make sure you have ALOT of light otherwise it ... Read More »

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Can you use any usb mains charger to charge your flip mino hd camera?

If the mains charger is not broken it will work as good as a computer usb port, all they do is supply 5V to the battery charging circuitry inside your camera.

Should I get the Flip Mino or Flip Mino HD?

I would get the HD especially if you are wanting to make videos. The HD is better quality filming and will come up clearer on a website [if you wish to post one on youtube, MySpace, etc.]

What is the difference between a Flip Ultra and a Flip Mino?

Both the Flip Ultra and the Flip Mino are ultracompact. The Ultra is slightly larger and can record for 120 minutes; the Mino comes in both a 1- and 2-hour version. The Ultra can also run on AA bat... Read More »

I'm looking to buy a camera. I would like to know which camera would people recommend buying?

The Canon PowerShot A550 Digital Camera is a nice very inexpensive camera, If you want it I saw it at Ritz Camera, they also got some promos at… for a dis... Read More »